Author portrait photoWelcome to this, my first blog. I have found as I get older that I have become increasingly invisible to those around me and wanted a forum to discuss this and what it means to each of us. Do you drive the invisible car that everyone cuts in front of? Do you stand at a bar waiting to get served and the bar staff never look in your direction, serving everyone else around you? Or do you walk into a room at a party and people turn to look in your direction and then away again as if only a draught has come into the room?

I’m off on a road trip soon across America with a friend I have known since I was 15 and has just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary. We holidayed in Hawaii together 9 years ago and had such a ball that we planned to do this road trip for our retirement. She drives the invisible car so I’m hoping that driving on the other side of the road during our journey will confuse the invisibility cloak otherwise we’re going to be stuffed. We’ll be testing our theories out about service in all the bars and motels; that’s our excuse, anyway. But along the way we’re going to see as much as we can about the American way of life, its vast canyons and desert, it’s quirkiness and myths. I hope you’ll join us and contribute with your own invisibility stories. And if you have any suggestions that we can safely test on your behalf, just let us know.


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