When we were in Boston we took the tube downtown and there, on one of the billboards, was this interesting statement:

Success is at the intersection of relevant and convenient”

I’ve no idea what product it was trying to sell but the statement intrigued me. It’s one of those things that sound good, but what does it actually mean? Are we only successful if we are doing something relevant and convenient? I might have written that success is at the intersection of determination and talent, but then that’s relevant to me as a writer and I suppose it’s also convenient not to have to look any further than myself for a definition. If I try to consider what it is to be successful as a human being I run into all sorts of difficulties that are largely dependent upon what kind of human being I want to be, or want to be seen to be.

On Facebook yesterday I somehow became involved in a discussion with Abraham Hicks about one of his daily quotes that someone else had posted:

As you try and work out “how” your desire will come about, you are actually pushing your desire away from you. As you try and work out “how” you can make your desire happen, you are sending a huge message to the Universe that you do not have your desire. And if you’re not emanating the exact frequency of having your desire within you, the Universe cannot possibly find your signal to deliver your desire.”

I responded rather flippantly that it was far too complicated for me and asked about whatever happened to “Ask and thou shalt receive”. To my surprise Hicks himself responded:

It’s simple but it’s not easy because you have to unlearn what you’ve been taught most your life, yet it’s as simple as focusing on the truths of these teachings, you can’t focus on empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs at the same time, the more you focus on empowering beliefs the easier it will be to focus on them, and as long as you are focusing more on empowering beliefs than negative ones, even if its 51% those empowering beliefs will begin to show themselves to you, your inner reality will begin to mirror to the outside reality, the “complication” comes from your limiting beliefs “it can’t be that easy” and “I can’t just change my beliefs”. It really IS simple and it kills me how simple it is. But how often do you really put it to the test, I mean really? “I’ll listen to Abraham later” isn’t good enough. LIVE IT, stay with your vision, everything in your life could change in 30 days. When you actually do this and get to where you want to be your going to kick yourself at why you didn’t do it earlier!”

Well that’s me told. So now all I have to do to be successful is to change the limiting beliefs I have about myself, send out the correct frequency to the universe and I’ll get everything I want. Hmm… Perhaps I don’t want to be the kind of human being who relies on a universe that gets confused by my signals. Perhaps it suits me better to believe in a universe that is kind and benevolent, that moves for the higher good of its inhabitants. Something so powerful as to be able to bring you everything you want doesn’t seem to be the kind that would wait around all day just to pick up signals, but what do I know? It’s all a question of faith – in yourself, in your abilities and in your God/Spirit/Universe.

Most things move in trends and it’s fashionable today to want celebrity lifestyles, huge salaries, superb jobs, amazing marriages/relationships, incredible sex etc, but without putting in the graft for them. Not for today’s young people the 40 year commitment to an employer to get a gold watch at the end of it, or the mediocre job just to bring home enough to keep the family fed, watered, clothed and housed. It seems to this old fossil that everything has to be glitzy, larger than life and easy to get. Not that I want a return to the ‘good old days’ (because they weren’t) nor do I want my own children to squash their dreams or stop reaching for the stars, but I think sometimes we spend too much time searching and not enough being grateful for what we already have.

I think that success at the moment is seen in terms of acquisitions – wealth, career, home, relationships and so on – but for me the true test of a successful human being is when someone can get out of bed each morning, no matter how they feel, and still do what needs to be done for the children. We all experience life’s betrayals, get ill, depressed, have to make compromises, but for me, if you can get up out of that bed and carry on, doing what needs to be done for your children or others in the world, then you are a huge success.


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