Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo, Texas

Our trip today was fantastic. The landscape was very flat for a lot of miles and then suddenly, from nowhere, we came across canyons on our right. Inside the park we noticed the sides of the canyon were in different coloured strata; yellow at the top, then orange, then deep red. It was absolutely beautiful. The different colours are to do with how old they are and the red layers are over 250 million years old. It was breath-taking in places, standing there in the sun, buzzards overhead and silence all around- in my mind’s eye I could see the warriors on top of the ridges, resplendent on their horses, lances gleaming in the sunlight.

There wasn’t a breath of wind but the temperature at the bottom of the canyon was about 10F lower than the top – I thought it would be hotter at the bottom. It was so peaceful and relaxing to drive round at 15 mph then pull over and walk for a while, then back into the car for another drive. We were lucky to get there early because by midday there were a lot more people coming into the park, including bus loads of cyclists who took off on many of the horse and cycle trails.

It was getting very hot by late afternoon so we came back to the hotel and dived in the pool. Unfortunately there was too much chlorine in the water which stung my eyes and affected my chest so I didn’t swim for long, but it was a very welcome way to cool down. There’s a Mexican place next door so that’s tonight’s meal sorted and tomorrow we leave Texas and head into New Mexico for our overnight in Santa Rosa. See you soon xxx

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