“Oklahoma City is oh so pretty”

Arriving late the outdoor pool looked inviting but instead we bought a large bottle of Vodka Ice and sat drinking it at the poolside in the balmy breeze. Sitting outside, or doing anything outside, seems to be an alien concept to Americans. Most seem to want to sit in air conditioning, including at home or in the car. The only time we have seen anyone walking has been in parkland areas and in the towns we’ve driven through, other than people who are sitting at the Route 66 attractions, there has been little sign of any inhabitants. Strange, but each to their own.

The temperature had risen to 103F during the day and at 9pm was still 99F, yet the following day it plummetted to 62F, the sky was black and threatening and the wind picked up. We ad planned to go to the Zoo but changed our minds and went into the Science Museum where we spent the best 4 hours playing on all the interactive exhibits, the aircraft, microlight and space capsule simulators, attended excellent talks at the Planetarium, and on the physics of forces that involved simulating a fire tornado, blowing balloons up and making wind tunnels. I had a lot of fun on a giant children’s banana slide that curled round and round so fast I couldn’t stop screaming all the way down. Two little boys were fascinated and kept asking me to go again with them but by the third time I thought I’d never walk again and gave up.

Our second day in Oklahoma and the weather is still cold and wet with the temperature at 57F. We were driving to Elk City later but called in at the National Cowboy Museum before leaving. This was yet again another spacious and well-designed museum that we found very interesting and sold a delicious lunch. We walked round an old frontier town, watched old cowboy movies, saw original costumes from the films, learnt more about the history of the plains Indians and took lots of photos. I wonder what tomorrow brings.


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