No Room at The Inn

After a long and hot drive we were disappointed that the hotel we had booked in Tulsa back in March was closed for refurbishments and hadn’t bothered to tell us. The owner said he would put us up in his other hotel but it was out of our way and not what we wanted, so we found a Microtel instead. The staff there couldn’t have been nicer, apologizing for the other hotel not informing us of the closure, even though they were nothing to do with the Microtel chain. The fact they had a pool was a definite bonus and washed the bad taste from our mouths about the other hotel.

On the drive to Oklahoma City we stopped not far from Tulsa at Fat Charlie’s Grill in Sepulpa. The owner, a woman with an infectious laugh and an interest in her customers, got us to sign her wall, wouldn’t take payment for our drinks and directed us to the Sepulpa History Museum. It was about to close for lunch but one of the guys said he’d stay and gave us a personal guided tour, missing his lunch. We were extremely grateful to him and the information he told us about his town, his state and the museum. I didn’t know that schooling there was not segregated  at all until government legislation was passed and they had to conform to the law. They escaped all the problems if integration in the 60s because it was never an issue for them.

It’s amazing, but as soon as anyone hears us talk they immediately ask where we’re from and when they discover we’re from England they couldn’t be more helpful. A little further down the road we stopped in Kellyville to take a photo of the old neon sign for the Rock Cafe, that was built with rocks they used when laying Route 66. It was hot so we called into a Mexican diner for beer and the guy there was so excited to serve English people he wanted to swop coins with us. So in 24 hours we had gone from feeling cross about being let down by our hotel to feeling extremely humbled by the kindness and hospitality of strangers.

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