Take it easy…

Take it easy, take it easy, don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy”

Everything is feeling a bit fraught for us at the moment, after leaving the oasis of Kathy and Vernon’s place. It’s very hot and windy and we still haven’t adjusted properly to the time difference and driving on the right. Road signing is also very different and we’ve missed a couple of turn-offs and had to turn around a few times, which has made the journeys longer. Fortunately I’ve missed the invisible cars that appear out of nowhere and disappear into my blind spots and we’ve only driven a couple of times the wrong way down one-way streets.

Tonight we’re staying in Springfield, Illinois, famous for its Abraham Lincoln connection; he lived there and was part of a movement that moved the State Capital there in 1857. En route we ate at Dixie’s, which opened a year after Route 66 was laid and has been open every day except one in all that time, and that was only because of a fire. Dixie’s is a bit like Pizza Hut, where you have free unlimited salad if you order a main course. With all the travelling and jetlag my stomach rebelled and I could only manage the very small salad I put on my plate; the wonderful chicken breast done in lemon remained virtually uneaten on my plate. I still haven’t been able to change my diet enough to accommodate lots of meat so I will know next time not to order any, or at least to share a meal with Pat.

It’s interesting listening to my body struggling with the changes. Because I have no immune system I need to listen to my body very carefully, to avoid getting ill. As she gets tired and run down I can feel her rebelling against me and she’s not someone I ignore. We’ve still a lot of road to cover till our first 2-day stop in Oklahoma City, so I’m going to have to speak very sweetly to her and ask her nicely to keep functioning and promise her and myself to take things a lot easier.

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