Itchy Bum

It’s a week to go to the trip and I’ve just been diagnosed with shingles – on my bum! Not a great thing to have, or place to have it, when you’re about to be sitting in a car for 4 weeks driving 2,800 miles across America, but hey – I’m British, a woman and a grandparent so I can do anything. It just won’t be very comfortable, but is probably better than when I got stung by red ants.

When Pat and I were I Hawaii I sat on some red ants on a seat at a bus stop in the rain forest. I ended up with massive lumps all over the back of my legs and bum and looked like I had leprosy. We were flying to San Fransisco the following day and I found it extremely difficut to sit on the plane and kept having to dive into the aisle, whipping my skirt over my head and slathering the lumps with cooling gel. I’ve no idea what the other passengers thought but being ‘invisible’ has some benefits I suppose. However, I’m starting to think that holidays with Pat might be cursed, at least from my bum’s point of view.

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